Clothes maketh the man.

You’ve probably heard of that expression before. Sounds serious and elegant, right? I mean, who uses old English words like ‘maketh’ these days anyway.

What does it mean, though? It simply means appearance counts a lot. Whether we like it or not, people (sadly) base their perceptions on or impressions of someone based on how he/she looks. And a person’s overall look is largely determined by what he/she wears.

grayscale of a man in tank top

So what are you trying to tell me, smart guy? Thanks for asking. I’m telling you that what you wear says a lot about you. You can go through all the orthographic (that’s just a fancy word for something related to writing) gymnastics to oppose that statement, but there’s no running away from that fact.

Are we on the same page now? Good. (I’m assuming we are.)

On to the next point.

How do you like your clothes? Ready-made or made-to-order?

tailor taking measurements

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re going to talk here about the benefits of made-to-order clothing (of course, the title gives it away), or why custom-made clothes are awesome (I basically said the same thing --- another cup of coffee, please).

Here are the benefits:

You get a perfect fit.

Sure, you can also get a good fit by buying prêt-à-porter (that’s just French for ready-to-wear). But let’s be honest, even though the shirt may feel perfectly fine, there’ll be some parts there that would just be a bit off. And if it doesn’t feel right, it probably doesn’t look right. Worse, it’s probably uncomfortable, too.

With custom-made clothing, all the measurements are perfectly adjusted to your personal dimensions. There will literally be no loose ends (or tight ends, for that matter).

tailor fitting suit

You choose the fabric.

This is yet another great reason to go for made-to-order clothing --- the freedom to choose. Isn’t that what we all want, the liberty to pick what we like?

If you have your garment custom-made, you also get that awesome privilege of choosing the fabric or materials you want and not be constrained by a very limited range (if there’s even any range to speak of). The quality of the off-the rack clothing can be sacrificed, especially because it’s usually made cost-effectively since most of it is mass-produced. Of course, if the quality of the material is great, it will last longer.

You choose the color.

How many times have you experienced drooling over a particular shirt but can’t really part with your dollars because the color is just not right. Bummer, right? Well, if your garment is custom-made, it’s, well, customized to suit your style and preferences, and that includes your color choices (imagine finding that perfect style but the colors are the ones that make you throw up).

different fabrics hanging

You have control.

(Controlfreak88 has joined the chat group…) Admit it. You see a nice-looking shirt, but wishes it could have been more this and that here and there. If only… Well, custom garments don’t deal with if only’s, only with it will be’s. You tell the tailor what you want, the tailor executes (even if he may not necessarily agree with your style choices).

Convinced yet? I know there’s something inside of you that’s still going, ‘yeah, but…’ But what? Dude, you have no more reason not to go for made-to-order clothing. I think I’ve built a pretty good case for custom shirts and why they’ll give you more bang for your buck.

man sewing suit

‘Resistance is futile.’ - The Borg (Star Trek). Stop resisting the urge. We know you want that custom-made shirt ordered right now, badly.

Let Simple Tailor help you with that.

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