Pushing Those Buttons

stripes shirt with blue buttons
This is no hot-button topic by any stretch of the imagination, but we hope this was helpful enough in terms of making that button color choice when you order your customized shirt.

Show Your True Collars

white shirt with silver collar
Not all collars are created equal. That goes without saying. The kind of collar you wear may say a lot about you and your style...

Loose Shirt vs Tight Shirt: Choosing the Right Fit

men with folder entering his office
If it’s a t-shirt or a casual shirt, there’s more freedom in choosing the type of size to wear. However, if it’s a dress shirt, the fit should literally be to a T...

Choosing the Jacket That Suits You to a Tee

man closing suit button
Bottom line: Don’t just pick anything that suits your fancy...

Seasons Change, So Should Your Dress Shirts

assorted colors of shirts
With dress shirts, there are also certain types that can be and cannot be worn depending on the season.

Your Simple Guide to Dressing Up for Your Job Interview

man holding pen with a paper on the table
It’s true that some companies are more relaxed when it comes to work attire, still, your best bet is to show up at the interview looking as professional as you can...

Talking Ties

white shirt with blue tie

There’s one rule that everyone knows about ties: you only wear them with a collared shirt, whether it’s a polo shirt or a dress shirt.  However, not all collared shirts could and should be paired with a tie...

Ironing 101: How to Properly Iron Your Shirt

man properly ironing shirt
If you’re embarrassed every time you go out because you just can’t seem to get that shirt crisp and wrinkle-free, we’ve put together some easy tips to iron out the kinks 

Caring for Your Dress Shirt

assorted colors of dress shirts
With proper care, your valued shirt can last for many years and continue to look awesome...

Tucked or Untucked (And Why It Matters)

men wearing tucked and untucked white shirts
...this seemingly small and insignificant detail can spell the difference between exuding dapperness or looking like a fashion victim.

Clothes maketh the man.

suit with watch and box of shoes
Whether we like it or not, people (sadly) base their perceptions on or impressions of someone based on how he/she looks. And a person’s overall look is largely determined by what he/she wears.  So why not look great every time!?

Hello, Simple. I’m Complex.

Hello, Simple. I’m Complex.
At Simple Tailor, we don’t sell ready-to-wear shirts; we sell wear-when-ready shirts.