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Clothes for you, by you, no fuss.


Totally custom shirts in approximately 2 weeks

Pick the Perfect Fabric

Style for Miles

Pick the exact style you want for your shirt from short to Long Sleeve, Single or Double Button Cuffs, Loose or Tight Fit, etc.

Size and Order

Simply give us your dimensions and we custom make every shirt to your exact requirements, ensuring you always end up with an amazing fit.

Blog posts

stripes shirt with blue buttons

Pushing Those Buttons

This is no hot-button topic by any stretch of the imagination, but we hope this was helpful enough in terms of making that button color choice when you order your customized shirt.
white shirt with silver collar

Show Your True Collars

Not all collars are created equal. That goes without saying. The kind of collar you wear may say a lot about you and your style...
men with folder entering his office

Loose Shirt vs Tight Shirt: Choosing the Right Fit

If it’s a t-shirt or a casual shirt, there’s more freedom in choosing the type of size to wear. However, if it’s a dress shirt, the fit should literally be to a T...