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Loose Shirt vs Tight Shirt: Choosing the Right Fit

If it’s a t-shirt or a casual shirt, there’s more freedom in choosing the type of size to wear. However, if it’s a dress shirt, the fit should literally be...

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Shirts for Fat Guys - How your Dress Shirt Should Fit

One of the worst things about clothing is that, in a nutshell, it is made the same for everyone. Of course, while sizes may switch up a bit from male...

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Folding Your Dress Shirt Made Easy

When it comes to packing stuff into a suitcase, one of the things some men struggle with is folding the dress shirts they’re going to use.


Man in a stylish Seersucker

What is Seersucker?

Seersucker is a thin breathable material, typically cotton and usually striped or checkered. The original seersucker was lightweight Indian silk made with alternating colored weft threads and white warp threads....

couple wearing flannel shirt

How to Style a Flannel?

To digress for a moment—what exactly IS flannel? Well, it isn't one specific type of weave or cotton. You may have heard that it's made from wool or cotton but...

men picking cheap dress shirts for them

Where to Buy Cheap Dress Shirts

Sometimes, overspending on things we don't necessarily need to purchase can be addictive. People may or may not do it intentionally, but when they became used to it, it is...

mens gingham fabric dress shirts

What is Gingham?

We want to make one thing clear right from the start. Gingham has absolutely NOTHING to do with a famous dance move from Korea! What is Gingham? The simple answer...

man picking simple outfit from the closet

Why you Should keep your Wardrobe Simple

Albert Einstein had many copies of the exact same grey suit tailored for him. Steve Jobs famously wore only black turtle necks and blue jeans. What did these two an many...

smart casual man holding cup between two men

What Makes Men's Smart Casual Style Smart?

Although the first mentioning of the word combination "smart casual" goes back to 1924, when it was used to describe a sleeveless dress in The Davenport Democrat Newspaper in Iowa,...

man wearing oxford shirt

What is an Oxford shirt?

In your wardrobe, you probably have many clothing choices including outfits for work, formal functions, and nights out. One key piece of clothing every man's wardrobe should have is an...