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Why Is Men's Fashion so Boring?

Men's fashion differs from women's in several ways. One reason is men have a greater need for functional clothing than women. As a result, they own only one suit for everyday...

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Shirts for Fat Guys - How your Dress Shirt Should Fit

One of the worst things about clothing is that, in a nutshell, it is made the same for everyone. Of course, while sizes may switch up a bit from male...

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Folding Your Dress Shirt Made Easy

When it comes to packing stuff into a suitcase, one of the things some men struggle with is folding the dress shirts they’re going to use.


A man tailoring a shirt in workshop

The History and Importance of Custom Tailoring

Custom tailoring has been an art form for centuries, producing high-quality, well-fitting garments. From bespoke tailoring to modern made-to-measure clothing, the industry has evolved significantly

brightly colored dress socks on men in suits

How to Match Dress Socks With Your Outfit

If there’s anyone who knows the power of a well-tailored shirt and coordinated color, it’s us. Get this: you could wear a special-order designer suit with your best cuff links, but if...

Man getting his neck measurements done

How to Measure Neck Size for a Dress Shirt

A well-fitted and stylish dress shirt is the primary way to set yourself apart from others in today's workplace. A dress shirt is the number one article of clothing that...

Man being measured for shirt

How To Measure Your Shirt Length?

Clothing is of varying standard sizes based on the producing company. While you could always try the shirt on in a physical clothing store, it is entirely different when ordering...

Man fixing his dress shirt cuff

What are the Best Dress Shirt Cuff Styles

The cuffs of a man's dress shirt  gives formality and can complement the collar to provide a formality and style that can set the mood for the right occasion.  The shirt cuff...

High-end men fashion store with sales clerk

The World's Most Expensive Dress Shirts

Shopping for an expensive dress shirt can be one of a man's most important decisions. Not only do refined textiles and expert craftsmanship merge seamlessly for a beautiful garment, but...

Tailor measuring sleeve length

How to Measure Sleeve Length?

This article will share some hacks to measure the ideal sleeve length accurately. Feel like a professional tailor once you finalize your measurements. The procedures vary based on your preference....

Custom tailored dress shirt

15 FAQs about Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

So whether it's your first or ninth time having your custom dress shirt, there will surely be multiple questions in your head concerning them. Lucky you, because that's what we'll...

Man in sweater and dress shirt

How to Wear a Dress Shirt With a Sweater?

The basic rule when wearing a sweater over your dress shirt is to tuck it in. Plain and simple. However, there are occasions that you have to wear your dress shirt...