The World's Most Expensive Dress Shirts

Shopping for an expensive dress shirt can be one of a man's most important decisions. Not only do refined textiles and expert craftsmanship merge seamlessly for a beautiful garment, but they also speak volumes about the person.

A well-tailored and fitted dress shirt shows maturity and refinement. In addition, the dress shirt is a fashion-forward statement. Straight from couture houses in Europe to the streets of New York City, London, Los Angeles, and beyond, this list of 7 dress shirts will expose you to a more refined level of fashion.

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However, before we get into this list, let's take a moment to explore what makes a dress shirt expensive, what fabrics and details go into such a garment, and why you should opt for a higher standard when shopping.

What Makes an Expensive Dress Shirt?

Have you ever wondered what goes into making such an expensive garment? While many people would dismiss the item altogether, calling it "overpriced," that is typically not the case. Instead, there is a reason for the three-digit number on the tag.

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An immense amount of extra work goes into each piece to justify the above-average cost. While it's true some brands charge a premium because you're paying for the brand name itself, the vast majority do pay close attention to detail, textiles, fit, and style.

Time Spent to Produce a Dress Shirt

The main reason for the extra price is time. We all know the saying "time is money." That couldn't be more true when it comes to the world of fashion. Every time you purchase a luxury item, dress shirts included, you are essentially paying for the time and energy it took to manufacture that garment in such a way, upholding premier quality standards and refinement.

Blue and white folded dress shirts

Designers such as Givenchy and Tom Ford do not simply put out a shirt without spending months going over the details in production. There have to be many versions of that shirt made before it comes to market. Therefore, don't think of the garment as an "expensive dress shirt," but rather a work of art. With this perspective, you will begin to appreciate the detail-oriented nature of couture brands.

Total Package of the Manufacturer

Another reason for the price is the complete package you receive. For example, Versace has the best brick-and-mortar locations around the world. Further, their staff is exceptional, their packaging is unmatched, and their customer care is flawless. These elements combine for a magnificent end product you won't find anywhere else.

A dress shirt and necktie

All aspects of the manufacturing and selling process, from selecting fabric to fit, are treated with care. Naturally, this comes with a price. However, that is not a bad thing. It means your clothing will last longer and become investment pieces.

There is no question you will have a designer dress shirt in your closet much longer than one from a local department store. These garments will last a lifetime and set you apart from the crowd with proper care.

Why Should You Choose an Expensive Dress Shirt?

Lasts a Lifetime

Man dressing up in dress shirt and necktie

There are numerous reasons why you should select a great dress shirt. For starters, it will last you a lifetime. A staple dress shirt you know you will wear over and over again will pay for itself in time. Furthermore, you'll have confidence knowing you purchased from a reputable brand with history and poise.

Many of the brands listed below are manufactured in Italy, France, or similar destinations. Why does this matter, you may ask? Well, with a vast majority of the manufacturing process moving to countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, you may not receive the quality you initially hoped for. Poor material is a problem in and of itself. In addition, underpaid wages likely accompany workers in those areas.


Three dress shirts hanging in a row

The more exclusive a product is, the higher its value. Similarly, this is true for limited supply items. The fewer items there are, the more expensive they will be in the long run.

As an Investment

It's not just an "expensive dress shirt." It's an investment. Investing in high-quality pieces will save you money in the long run and ensure your shirts won't fall apart on you. Unfortunately, poor stitching, synthetic fibers, and discolored fabrics are just a few of the conditions you can expect with cheap dress shirts.

In some cases, even department store shirts will exhibit these signs. To truly separate mediocre from magnificent, you need to invest in a high-end dress shirt.

Dress shirt with a unique design

On the other hand, one of the best parts of the new fashion era is several hard-and-fast rules. It is acceptable for men to express themselves with bold prints, colors, and textiles. As a result, they are no longer confined to a boring button-up with no life or character, the presentation of these high-end shirts is pure art.

What Are the 7 Most Expensive Dress Shirts?

1) Tom Ford Men's Classic Poplin

Tom Ford Men's Classic Poplin dress shirt

This classic dress shirt from Tom Ford embodies confidence, style, and power. The brand is known for being refined and fashion-forward yet timeless. Their products include curated selections of menswear, impeccable fragrances, beautifully-crafted eyewear— and we can't forget the timepieces.

This shirt comes in solid white. It is a button front, classic collar with double-button cuffs. Moreover, this shirt is fresh off the plane from Italy, manufactured from refined cotton. Brands like Tom Ford are guaranteed to be of quality. Attention to detail exists at every step.

Tom Ford Men's Classic Poplin full view

Pair this shirt with wool trousers, a silk tie, and leather dress shoes. There are countless ways to wear this style. It will be the most versatile item you have hanging in your closet. A crisp, white button-up never goes out of style. You will find yourself reaching for this garment time and time again.

Have a wedding you need to attend? Going on a business trip for the weekend? Taking your wife out to dinner? No matter which way you slice it, this shirt is a classic. Living up to the saying "dress to impress" isn't so hard with Tom Ford. You'll find this shirt at Nieman Marcus retailing for around $670.

2) Burberry Sherwood Motif

Burberry Sherwood Motif front view

With a monogram from Burberry's founder Thomas Burberry himself, this shirt is one of a kind. The color options include navy, white and black. However, we like the navy option. It looks polished while still maintaining a young flare. The sleeves feature Burberry's iconic archival check pattern. The shirt has button cuffs, made with a 97% cotton and 3% elastane blend.

Burberry's brand began on the street of London, soon becoming famous for its iconic check pattern. They have an extensive collection of womenswear and menswear. Their ready-to-wear collections are exquisite, including their variety of button-up dress shirts. From outerwear to ties, the Burberry brand plays in the big leagues. This shirt pairs well with tailored dress pants and a high-end timepiece for style. You can wear this shirt for any occasion. However, it leans on the casual side because of the sleeve's check pattern.

Burberry Sherwood Motif collar view

You'll find this shirt and Nordstrom's and other high-end departments stores where it retails for $440.

3) Hugo Boss Robbie

Uniquely designed, this regular fit Hugo Boss dress shirt offers that perfect "regular" fit. It is not a slim fit or oversized fit; it's just right for your wardrobe. Hugo Boss is a German luxury brand built on premier quality and a commitment to international fashion. This shirt features a point collar, button barrel cuffs, and a front button placket. Crafted from certified recycled polyamide, you're helping the planet by purchasing this shirt! The Hugo Boss brand is doing its part to combat climate change, pollution, and waste while ensuring you look sharp.


Hugo Boss Robbie dress shirt

The fabric on this shirt is breathable, making it ideal for every occasion. So whether you are breaking it down on the dance floor or attending an important business meeting, this shirt will keep you calm and cool. Made from 89% polyamide and 20% elastane, the Robbie regular fit comes in three colors: black, navy, and white. Any one of these colors will look amazing, but we prefer black. It adds a subtle touch of prestige.

This shirt retails for $168. Look to none other than the iconic New York brand, Bloomingdales, to get yours:

4) Givenchy 4G Basic


Givenchy 4G Basic dress shirt

This expertly-crafted dress shirt from Givenchy is a prime example of the brand's elegance and sophistication. Featuring a pointed collar, vented hem, French cuffs, and covered placket, you can't go wrong with this unique staple piece. This 4G Basic was crafted in Portugal and came in white originally. Pair it with a two-piece suit and cuff links.

The Givenchy brand, founded in 1952 for Haute Couture, is one of the most dazzling and sophisticated names in fashion. Their mark on the industry is undeniable, with modernity at their core. They earned a reputation for breaking fashion boundaries and crafting prized ready-to-wear pieces. From celebrities to members of the royal family, everyone loves Givenchy.

Look to Nieman Marcus, where you'll find this shirt retails for $550

5) Gucci Oxford GG

Gucci Oxford GG dress shirt

This Gucci dress shirt takes a simple twist on an ever-so-modern button-up. A playful graphic of the brand's "GG" is embroidered on the left-hand side of the garment in delicate red threading. The fit of this shirt is boxy but still gives some shape with the pointed collar. Made in Italy, this garment features mother of pearl buttons, 100% organic cotton, and a light blue hue.

Gucci is best known for being a romantic and contemporary brand with a well-defined eclectic flare. They have been named "the Holy Grail of Italian craftsmanship." Their quality standards are exceptional and unparalleled. The initials on this garment are from the house's founder, Guccio Gucci. This brand loves to reinvent itself season after season, including switching up the monogrammed logo in new and exciting ways. Suddenly, each garment becomes a piece of art with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic not replicated the following season.

This shirt retails for a mere $780, definitely qualifying as an expensive dress shirt, found directly from Gucci.

6) Brunello Cucinelli Basic-Fit Shirt

Brunello Cucinelli Basic-Fit Shirt front view

This button-up dress shirt from Brunello Cucinelli is effortlessly stylish and charming. It features a minimalistic approach and is a great piece to wear under a busy suit with lots of color or patterns. It is simple enough to be worn with casual trousers. Made in Italy, this garment features button barreled cuffs and a chest patch pocket. It is versatile enough to be worn with almost any outfit.

Brunello Cucinelli's label is best-known for beautiful cashmere and knitwear. The brand quickly expanded into suiting while retaining its refinement for Italian luxury. Brunello Cucinelli brings a 14th-century charm to almost every garment. Each piece has a "hand-crafted" feel.

Brunello Cucinelli Basic-Fit Shirt back view

This shirt retails for $495. It can be found at high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue.

7) Versace La Greca Poplin

Made from a 100% pure cotton poplin, this ornamental dress shirt from Versace is the height of refinement and elegance. The fit is slim with their embellished La Greca print. Geometric patterns with refined lines, sharp edges, and bold charm distinguish this shirt. In addition to the 100% cotton on the exterior, it has a polyester trim highlighting the edges. The color combinations for this shirt are black/blue and black/ khaki.

The Versace brand is famed for its ultra-glamorous and innovative style. This brand has produced everything from exquisite theatre costumes to swimwear. Created by the talented Gianni Versace, the Versace brand is an international sensation and continues to be the perennial symbol of bold and bright fashion. People that wear Versace aren't afraid to take risks, and you shouldn't be either! So, elaborate patterns, bright colors, and hints of gold sprinkled throughout your wardrobe wouldn't be a bad thing.

This shirt retails for $775. You'll find this garment at none other than Versace itself.

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