15 FAQs about Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

Contrary to the popular stereotype that only women invest in clothes, men care significantly about their clothes! They even inquire about custom-tailored dress shirts themselves that they can wear on various occasions.

So whether it's your first or ninth time having your custom dress shirt, there will surely be multiple questions in your head concerning them. Lucky you, because that's what we'll be talking about in this article!

15 Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

Can I select a design already published in magazines, websites, or other platforms?

Man reading a magazine

Being sued for copyright infringement is something that can be worrisome. As funny as it sounds, it's something that even celebrities experience! However, there's no need to worry about it much. Many designs are purposely put out in public to draw inspiration from them. But when it comes to selecting a design that indicates that you have to ask from the owner, it would be best to do so. Showing a tailor an existing design and requesting them to match it is the quickest way to a product that meets your needs!

What are the different types of shirt collars?

Generally, these are the different collars explained in a few words.

Wingtip collar

Wingtip dress shirt collar

If you've attended weddings once or a couple of times, then you're probably already familiar with this type of collar. Clue: Tuxedo shirt. Does it ring a bell? A wing tip is a winged collar is a starched short collar with its ends folded standing up. A unique feature of this collar is that it points horizontally, appears wing-like, and should always be paired with a bow and never a tie.

Round Band Collar

These collars also go by the name Kurta Collar or Mandarin Collar. It is a short, unfolded collar that stands up to your neck. Its style also earned its reputation as a standing collar or choking collar worn during casual or ceremonial events.

Straight Collar

Straight collar dress shirt

This collar is one of the most flexible types of collars. You can wear it to work or formal dinner; name the event! Additionally, it is also easy to partner anything with this collar, making it an excellent choice if you struggle with style. All you need is a suit and tie, and you're ready to go.

Club Collar

This type of collar is also known as the Eton collar. The club collar is a short, round collar best partnered with plain or patterned bows or ties. Or, you can wear it without one. You decide!

While all kinds of dress shirt collars look great, it is always best to go for something which can boost your confidence. On the other hand, if you're after something new, trying a type which you feel would reflect your personality the most can also be a good idea. 

What is the right sleeve length for me?

Tailor measures sleeve length

Finding the right sleeve length is one of the most challenging aspects, especially if it's your first time having your custom-tailored dress shirt. Mistakes in sleeve length can cause uncomfortable situations later, so knowing the right sleeve length is best.

Sleeves should extend to midway on the backside of your hand or until the first knuckle on your thumb. While this can appear too lengthy, it is just right, considering that this would prevent the cuffs of your sleeves from sliding down. It also has enough allowance to raise, move, or bend your hands comfortably.

What is the best fabric for dress shirts?

Different kinds of fabrics

You probably know the answer to this. But, of course, most people prefer cotton when it comes to the fabric of their dress shirts. Cotton is the most comfortable material compared to silk and polyester. Additionally, it is also breathable and durable, which are a few reasons why it can be used regularly and for a long time.

What are the different types of fabric?

The three most popular fabric types are cotton, polyester, and silk. In addition, however, there are dress shirts made from several materials such as alpaca, cashmere, wool, and many more. Read the essential guide to men's fabric so you know how to look your best.

What are the different types of weaves?

Different kinds of dress shirt

Weaves, fabrics, aren't they the same? That's probably something that you have in mind. In a nutshell, fabrics refer to the material used in making your dress shirt. On the other hand, a weave pertains to the "design" or texture of that material.


Also known as poplin, this is a tightly woven fabric known for its professional yet straightforward appearance. It makes an excellent choice for people who want minimal texture on their dress shirt and for those who prefer a thinner, lighter fabric. In addition, poplin is easy to wrinkle but considered the smoothest weave type.


Twill weave fabric pattern

One of the distinct features of twill is its diagonal texture. This weave is easy to iron and doesn't wrinkle easily compared to broadcloth. However, it is much warmer to wear because of its threads. People who want to add a minimal shine to their dress shirts choose this type of weave, which is why it is sometimes confused with silk.


This type of weave is perfect for occasions that will take place in a sunny or warm area because it is thinly made. In addition, Chambray is usually an alternative to denim as it has refined weaves, making it an excellent choice for a relaxed aura.


Jacquard beige fabric

For patterned design dress shirts, you may consider this type of weave. Jacquard combines various weaves, so people aiming for a unique touch to their clothing choose this. Whether for a colorful occasion or simply your style, this type of weave can make seemingly impossible patterns possible.


Herringbone is a popular type of weave for textured anything! Whether t-shirts, dresses, or any clothing, it is an excellent choice for a v-shaped look. Its name comes from its similarity to the bones of a herring fish.

There are many things to consider when choosing the type of weave for your custom-tailored dress shirts. Some of these considerations are the type of occasion, the setting of the event, and, most significantly, the comfort it will bring to you.

What color looks flattering for men?

Man in black dress with bow tie

Depending on the motif or theme of the event you will attend, the color should match. For those free to choose something different, black, pink, grey, and even red are timeless colors that are not common yet are flattering with most skin tones. Additionally, almost anyone can wear these colors on various occasions because of their formal and sleek colorway.

What is the best way to wash a fitted custom-tailored cotton shirt without making it shrink?

Man working in dry-cleaning station

The sudden shrinking of clothes is something that many people have encountered. And as many people say, it is much easier to alter something with an allowance than to transform something smaller. However, there's no need to worry about sudden wardrobe malfunctions when you know how to take care of your clothing.

Remember to wash the shirt in cold water and then lay it flat to dry. Keep in mind: no dryer and no heat! However, if you are too worried to do it, the safest choice would be to take it to the dry cleaners and let them handle it.

How long does it take to finish a custom-tailored dress shirt?

Custom tailored dress shirt

Depending on the design and other factors, such as time allowance for fitting and altering, it usually takes four to six weeks to finish your dress shirt and be ready to wear.

Can my dress shirt still be altered?

Whether you lose or gain weight, altering your custom-tailored dress shirt wouldn't be a problem. It is because tailors leave an extra seam allowance should you need any altering.

What size am I considered?

Tailor takes measurements

Your size classification can vary depending on your dress shirt's manufacturer's location. However, here is a general fit guide size chart for your reference.

Extra Small (XS)

Body Length: 29"

Chest: 39"

Your Sleeve Length: 34"

Pants Size: 26 - 28"

Small (S)

Body Length: 29"

Chest: 40"

Sleeve Length: 34.5"

Pants Size: 28 - 30"

Medium (M)

Body Length: 29.5"

Chest: 42"

Sleeve Length: 35"

Pants Size: 31 - 32"

Large (L)

Body Length: 30"

Chest: 46"

Sleeve Length: 35.75"

Pants Size: 33 - 35"

Extra Large (XL)

Body Length: 30.5"

Chest: 50"

Sleeve Length: 36.25"

Pants Size: 36 - 40"

Extra Extra Large (XXL)

Body Length: 30.5"

Chest: 54"

Sleeve Length: 36.75"

Pants Size: 42 - 46

Extra note: Keep in mind that these measurements and classifications can vary! It would be best to consult with your tailor for a more detailed explanation or assessment of your size classification. Best of all is to have a fully measured custom dress shirt made, regardless of typical "S," "M', etc., sizing constructs.

Do tailors allot a shrinkage allowance on my dress shirt?

Tailor making patterns

Because shrinking of clothing is a common situation, tailors have decided to give every dress shirt they make a standard shrinkage allowance.

  • The collar of your dress shirt has a standard allowance of 0.625".
  • Sleeve length generally has an allotment allowance of 0.5".
  • For the chest and midsection width of your dress shirt, there is an allowance of 0.5".

Extra note: These allowances are standardized to ensure that if ever shrinkage does happen, it would give a "perfect fit" custom-tailored dress shirt.

Why does the number of buttons on dress shirts vary?

Full-length dress shirt

The idea of having many buttons sound appealing, but it is not always the case! Generally, the number of buttons on your dress shirt depends on its length as well as its top button placement. According to standards, the equivalent number of buttons and their corresponding measurements are as follows:

  • A 26 to 27-inch dress shirt length has six buttons
  • A dress shirt that measures 27.5 to 30 inches has seven buttons
  • A 30.5 to 33.5-inch shirt length has eight buttons
  • A dress shirt measuring 34 to 37 inches has nine buttons
  • A 37.5 to 38-inch shirt length has ten buttons

Can I pass measurement details from a month or two months ago?

Tailor working with client

While one to two months of interval seems like a short time, giving your tailor a more recent measurement is better, such as a week ago or during the exact day you requested their services. Walk-ins are allowed, so it would be best to take some time to visit the store and have your measurements checked. After all, body measurements are not constant. It varies and fluctuates from time to time.

How prone to malfunctions, discolorations, and other problems is my custom-tailored dress shirt?

Silk dress shirts

Depending on your fabric choice, you can either have a piece of clothing that is easy to maintain or requires a lot of extra care. An example of that is silk. It is one of the most sensitive fabric types, so you should handle it carefully. Heat destroys it quickly, also too much scrubbing and stains. Aside from that, how you wash your dress shirt also plays a role in how long its quality will last.

All in all, the clothing you wear can significantly impact your confidence and self-esteem. It also reflects your personality and style, so it's always a good idea to invest in what you put on your body every day or on special occasions. While quality always comes with a price, you will benefit from it for a long time. Aside from making a great first impression, it can also help build a pleasurable aura around you.


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