22 Best Men's Accessories for 2024 | Look slimmer without Losing a Pound!

Everyone wants to look their best all the time. It is not just vanity but a source of self-confidence. When it comes to physical image it is all about properly dressing up. For men, the hurdle is that the options appear to be few. But we beg to differ, there are a lot of men's accessories that can make you look good and appear slimmer.

Curious to find out what are the options to choose from? Furthermore, we have links to where you can purchase all of these from Amazon without leaving your seat!

The 22 Best Men's Accessories for 2024 to Look Slimmer Without Losing a Pound!

So, without further ado, here are the 22 men's accessories that will surely make you look thinner without losing a single pound. 

1. High Rise Jeans

High Rise Jeans are effective in making a person slimmer. This is for the reason that your abdomen part is fully covered. You would not have to worry about a protruding belly that will showcase your extra cushion for the pushing.

It will also elongate the body and your legs will look longer. High-rise jeans also make the waist look trimmer. It is also another plus even if you weigh the same, you will look lighter than you are. Check the latest price here.

2. Straight Leg Style Jeans

Bulky jeans can make your legs look thicker and your lower body wider. While ill-fitting slim trousers will make your legs proportional. Straight Cut Jeans are a good option to keep the balance. While you are figuring your proportions, this is the best neutral choice. When the legs look evenly shaped, your body proportion will be more attractive. Link Here.

3. Dark Colored Trousers

Dark solid colors always work in creating an effect that things look smaller. This trick also works for jeans. Choose from shades of black, dark washed, or maroon if you feel like wearing a livelier color. Having monochrome trousers makes the legs look skinner than they are. It is one of the best ways to appear thinner without losing a pound. Check out the latest prices.

4. Cowboy Belts

Cowboy Belts are fun to wear but be wary of the buckle size. This accessory will attract attention to your tummy. If the accent that you will choose is too bulky, it will affect your stomach appearance to look expanded than it is. If you want to put on one, choose a buckle that is moderate in size but has handsome details. You will have the same feel and satisfy the tough and rough Cowboy look you are aiming for.

5. Well Fitted Suit

What man can go wrong when wearing a suit? Tailored ones might cost a lot, but there are a lot of variants in the market that have good size options. Remember to choose the right size, not too big nor too small. The magic of the suit is how it will your body like a glove. The things to take note of are how it would hang on your shoulders and how the sleeves will fit your arms. In terms of choosing a color, people often like dark suits. But lighter shades are not bad if the fitting is right.

6. Horizontal Striped Shirt

Psychologists have studied that having horizontal shapes such as lines on clothes can make a person thinner. The reason is that this design seems to fill out spaces more, therefore making things appear more compact. In terms of the stripe's size, the finer it will look better. As for the colors, there is no general rule, just choose whatever fits your skin tone. This is probably one of the easiest variants to find and purchase. Also, striped shirts are very fashionable, fun, and refreshing to look at.

7. Slim Fit Polo Shirt

Clothes that are too loose can make you look bigger than actual. Slim Fit Polo Shirt often has a design that accentuates the shoulders and the chest. It is a good way to take off the attention from your stomach. Opt for a Polo Shirt that has the right fit. But be wary also of choosing a size that is too small. It might expose love handles, so make sure to look at every nook and cranny when fitting clothes. It is all about showing your best proportions. We love this one on Amazon!

8. Dark Colored Pocket Jersey Polo

The upper body part is usually the area we want to project as slim. And to make it happen, you can choose to wear dark-colored garments. Monochrome dark colors like black, deep loden green, dark red, and charcoal gray are good options to wear. Not only does it make you look thinner, but you can also move freely and not be bothered getting dirty. Whether you choose short sleeves or not, solid dark colors will always work to make you slimmer. We love this one here from (gasp) Amazon basics!

9. Non-Padded Blazer

Men naturally have broad shoulders, that is why wearing a padded blazer can make you look bulkier. When choosing a blazer, opt for a design that can accentuate your shoulder's form. There is no need to make it appear bigger since it will ruin the balanced body proportions you are aiming for. Padding can also make you look peculiar which could be unattractive. Not to mention these garments will require extra care so the paddings will not get distorted. You don't have to go through all that trouble, just use your naturally given body frame. As for the length of the blazer, it should be long enough to go past your abdomen, like this one here.

10. Slim Shaped Belts

Belts should always appear subtle to prevent getting attention on your waist. In terms of fit, don't choose an exact size. It is better to have some allowance. Why? If by chance after a good meal your stomach gets bloated the tight belt will accentuate it. So choose a flexible option to avoid accidentally displaying a protruded belly. Having a belt that is one size larger is a convenient way to make adjustments if the situation calls for it. You would not want to be left out of the fun by depriving yourself to prevent bloating right? Check the latest pricing.

11. Pea Coat Trench Coat

The abdomen area is a part of the body that usually captures attention. To avoid unnecessary scrutiny, it is best to cover it completely. How? Upper garments like a pea coat trench coat can hide the abdomen effectively. Aside from that, the tailoring on this clothing like the vertical seam work and shaping details also makes the wearer look thinner. The positioning of the buttons when the coat is buttoned up also creates an impression your middle area is slimmer.

12. V Neck Shirt

When it comes to clothing working with illusions is also part of the art. Wearing a V Neck Shirt will give the impression that your neckline is slimmer. In effect, your body will look thinner and also make you look taller. Also, the V neck structure will direct the attention to your chest rather than your tummy area. You can be more comfortable and assured that people are not looking at your belly. Rather the attention will be brought to your chest and shoulder which usually have better proportions.

13. Henley T-Shirt

Do you want a flexible garment that can serve as an undershirt and regular shirt just the same? Then get a Henley T-Shirt. By the structure, it can appear to be a V Neck if you want it to wear it normally. How can you do this? The Henley T-Shirt has around 3 to 5 buttons near its round neck. To create a V shape, simply unbutton the upper 2 to 3 buttons and spread the collar. Instant V shape from the same clothing that can also double as a round neck. Get a great cheap option here.

14. Straight Point Collar

For round-faced shaped folks, it is hard to make your chin look pointier. However, using the trick with the V Neck, you can also adapt it to dress shirt collars. Wearing a straight point collar dress shirt has a V form that can make your chin look sharper. At some point, it can even hide your double chin due to the illusion it creates. Dress shirts are also very elegant and professional to look at. Not only does it make your face thinner, but it also will give you a vibe of an intellectual.

15. Waistcoat

Too hot for a suit but want to look just as classy? Then the waistcoat is a good alternative. One of the ways it makes the wearer look slimmer is it accentuates the natural shape of the waist. This part is usually the thinnest area on your middle part. A waistcoat is tailored to highlight this part as it will make this area look more compact. It also makes you look more elegant, especially when paired up with a long-sleeved shirt.

16. Aviator Sunglasses

Square, oblong, or round-faced, the issue is that your cheeks can appear wider. This can make your face look bigger and there could be the impression of looking chubby. To avoid unnecessary attention on your cheeks, you can wear Aviator sunglasses. The shape of these shades effectively covers the corners of your face that can make it look narrower. Wear it and feel like a movie star, as it is a popular variant in complementing all types of outfits. Whether it is for formal or casual occasions, this accessory will have no trouble fitting in.

17. Rectangular Shades

When it comes to making your face look slimmer, it is all about the angles. And speaking of angles, choosing shades that showcase corners is a good way to make your face narrower. At the same time, the style of the sunglasses also captures attention. So instead of focusing on your face shape, the initial impression of observers will be the structure of your shades. It is the perfect optical distraction and can also cover the corner of your cheeks to make you look slimmer. It also gives you a tinge of a mysterious vibe that adds charm to your overall appearance. Here's a pair that looks pricey, but isn't.

18. Round Toe Dress Shoes

Did you know that the shoes you will wear can also accentuate your overall outfit? To appear slimmer, you must think of a way that straight lines of your outfit will stand out. One option could be by wearing round-toe shoes with thin soles. This variant makes your feet look sleek and natural. The clean finish looks very elegant and makes the wearer look very attractive.

19. Chelsea Boots

High-cut boots can appear heavy and bulky, especially those highly embellished styles. So if you want to wear boots on a casual day, why not settle for Chelsea boots instead? This style is ankle-high boots that are close-fitting with an elastic panel on the side. It also has a rounded toe, which as discussed earlier, can accentuate the straight lines of your outfit.

This is a good aesthetic to make your overall appearance slimmer. Here's a great pair from Dr. Martens

20. Solid Color Scarf with no Embellishments

In the point of view of accessories like scarves, there is a simple rule. When choosing a scarf, remember that less is more. Too many details on the garment like huge multicolored patterns or tassels make it look bulkier. Then this effect will be also reflected on the wearer. That is why to avoid this fashion mistake, make sure to choose a solid color scarf that has no embellishments. The simpler the design, the better it is.

21. Minimalist Slim Wallet

Men love to keep their wallets inside their pockets either on the backside or side pockets. However, if by chance your wallet is bulky and it is placed inside the pocket, it can cause an imbalance in your body proportions. At the backside, your buttocks will look uneven. While if inside side pockets, one leg might look thicker. To avoid this imbalance but still keep your essentials, you can resolve into using a slim wallet. A slim wallet has enough space to keep your credit card, important IDs, and some cash. It is highly functional and stylish at the same time. You won't have to worry about having extra bulk under your jeans or pants.

22. Stand up straight!

This one is totally free! Like my Mom always said "Stand up straight!!".

What happens from sitting at a computer or at a desk for the majority of the day, like so many of us do, your shoulders roll forward. We are supposed to have our shoulders naturally positioned back, which helps the spine stay erect, which helps you breathe, which aids blood flow, and on and on and on (a HUGE list of massive benefits). The culminating effects of all of these benefits is also that it makes you feel more confident, which somehow almost magically, also makes us look trimmer.

So, we know this one is not easy and will take a constant mental reminder, but trust it, you'll see massive benefits from this.

All the best in 2024!

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