Seasons Change, So Should Your Dress Shirts

There are countries and areas in the world that have only 2 seasons throughout the year: rainy and dry. That’s it. No snow falling from the sky or leaves falling from the trees.

four different seasons

Other countries, on the other hand, experience four seasons because of their location on the globe. And when seasons change, things also change, including what we wear.

With dress shirts, there are also certain types that can be and cannot be worn depending on the season.


This is the season right before summer and after winter. It’s when flowers bloom at their finest after a long cold spell. And as fresh as the flowers coming out of hibernation, clothes also get livelier.

man standing wearing stripes dress shirt

This is the season when you can wear certain colors without any hesitation. Light blues, greens, yellows, and even pinks are great color choices for springtime dressing. Stripe patterns with lighter colors would also be great choices for this season.  It’s your way of celebrating the end of the coldest season of the year.

And since there will still be some leftover cold from winter during this time, you can still wear some heavy fabric, especially at night.


Immediately after springtime comes the hottest/warmest time of the year. It’s when the mercury starts to rise and therefore a change in fabric from thick to thin is in order.

Can you still wear dress shirts in this season? Of course, especially if your line of work requires you to put on dress shirts during workdays. Stay away from dark colors, though, as they tend to absorb more light and retain more heat.

man on a motorbike wearing white dress shirt with suspender

Also, since temperatures will be higher in this time of the year, you can roll your sleeves (if the situation allows it) so you have more skin exposed to ventilation. Needless to say, heavy fabric is something you wouldn’t dare wear. Go for those made of linen and silk.


Another favorite season of many, the temperatures during this time are pretty much a carbon copy of spring. This is when leaves start falling as trees prepare to get naked (ironically) to prep for the coldest season. Gotta admit, though --- those leaves on the ground don’t appear like litter at all. There’s so much beauty about colorful foliage swaying in the wind and landing gently on land.

man wearing turtle neck with green shirt blocking eyes from sunlight

What type of dress shirts are good for fall? Something that would look good in a layered ensemble. As temperatures begin to drop, fabric choices also lean towards heavy and thick ones. This is when you can start pulling out from your closet again those dark-colored dress shirts and sweaters.

You can also go crazy with the patterns. Stripes, plaids, checkers --- whatever suits your fancy. Try mixing and matching your outfit pieces and see what would look good together.


Brrr... Just the mere mention of the word already evokes something dark, cold and dreary. But hey, there’s so much beauty in winter, too. Snow-covered trees and rooftops, forming and melting icicles, families cuddled around the fireplace…

It’s that time of the year when you can rummage through your closet and get the heaviest, thickest and darkest clothes you can find. This doesn’t mean of course that you can no longer wear colorful dress shirts; just wear their darker shades.

man wearing denim dress shirt

Your primary goal for this season is to keep your body warm. Choose dress shirts that will do the job.

Be sure to fill your closet with a considerably wide array of dress shirts, so that no matter what the season is, you’re ready to pull out whatever suits the temperature and the environment.

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