If the shirt fits, wear it.

I mean, really. Nothing can be simpler than that when it comes to donning your OOTD (in case you’ve been hiding in a cave for decades, that’s the acronym for outfit of the day). Why would you wear something that’s too tight, too loose, too long or too short?

man sitting wearing blue dress shirt and white pants

Before placing an order on a new shirt we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to getting that perfect fit for your shirt.


open button dark stripes shirt

Let’s start from the top part of your shirt. To know if your collar fits nicely, button your shirt to the very top, then hold up two of your fingers (no, we’re not going to ask you to flash the peace sign). If you can fit your two fingers (preferably your index and middle fingers) nicely and comfortably between the collar and your neck, that means it’s the perfect fit. Anything looser or tighter than that means it’s a wrong fit. That’s your rule of thumb (well, more of rule of the index and the middle).


man standing in front of mirror wearing white shirt

This is an easy one. The seams of your shirt should align with your shoulders --- not longer, not shorter. No need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders just to get the right fit. Need I say more?


man wearing white polo shirt

Is this a tough one for you? Get it off your chest. We’re here to help.

To find the right chest fit, the first thing to do is look in the mirror and see if the shirt makes you look like you’ve just jumped into a sack or, inversely, you look like your buttons are about to pop off. Another test you can do is to see if your shirt buttons are somehow scrunching up or producing folds or wrinkles. That’s a good indicator that the fit isn’t right.


armhole part of blue dress shirt

You don’t have to be up in arms just to get the right fit for this part. You simply want your shirt’s armhole to be as close-fitting as it can without being too tight. Of course, if there’s a sagging, it only means it’s too low and loose.


man folding up shirt sleeves

This is another easy one. How do you know the length of your sleeve is too long or too short? If the sleeve doesn’t even reach your wrist, that’s too short. On the other hand, if it goes past your thumb’s base, that’s a tad long.

Hip and midsection

men wearing white tucked in dress shirt

This one’s more of a personal preference. Some like a closer fit, while others are more comfortable when it’s a bit fuller. Still, you don’t shoot from the hip when it comes to the size of these sections. Are the buttons about to pop? Too tight. Is it saggy on the sides? Too loose.


The length of your shirt might depend on whether you’ll wear it tucked or untucked. If it’s tucked in, the length won’t matter that much (of course, it shouldn’t be too short that when you sit down the shirt comes out of your pants’ waistline). If you want to wear it untucked, it shouldn’t be too long that it extends below your behind. 

man measuring a shirt length

Having said all of the above, these rules are not by any means hard and fast. We all have different body shapes and sizes, so each shirt will vary depending on one’s body type. Bottomline: If it looks and feels good, chances are you have a winner on. We’re no stuffed shirts here.

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