Tucked or Untucked (And Why It Matters)

In all of recorded history, man has always been clothed. From that time Adam and Eve wore fig leaves after they failed their test big time in the garden, we have always covered our nakedness. And of all the clothing that has been invented by man, shirts have always been the most popular --- and for good reason: it’s easy to make and easy to wear. But alas, a new question has arisen; can my shirt be tucked, or more commonly unctucked is asked?

Tucked vs Untucked

men wearing tucked in and tucked out shirts

How do you wear your shirt? Do you like them loose or tight? Do you want the bottom edge hidden, or do you feel more comfortable when it’s not tucked? Certainly, aside from comfort, there’s also the style that needs to be considered in deciding whether to wear it tucked or untucked.

Why Even Decide

The answer is quite simple: this seemingly small and insignificant detail can spell the difference between exuding a dashing look or looking like a fashion victim. You don’t want to end up being the guy at a social gathering that feels out of place for committing a fashion faux pas.

When to Tuck in Your Shirt

There are rules for this? You bet. But although these rules are in no way hard and fast, they’re good ones to follow to make sure you don’t like you have just been mobbed, or robbed.

So when do you tuck your shirt in? That’s a question that can take a heated debate to answer, but you can follow a couple of guidelines.

The general rule of thumb is that if your shirt has a flat bottom hem, wear it untucked. On the other hand, if the shirt has ‘tails’ (that is, the hem has varying lengths), tuck it in.

Another rule is about whether your shirt is formal or casual. Imagine attending a wedding and your shirt is untucked. You’d look like a juvenile delinquent and the center of attention at that event, and not for the right reasons.

Tuck-In How-Tos

Of course, you don’t just squeeze that shirt into your pants just so it looks tucked. A very good indicator that your shirt is tucked in properly is if it makes the front of your body look smooth and flat. If the way your shirt is tucked in makes you look like you have a lifesaver ring hidden underneath your shirt, I can bet you dollars to doughnuts that it’s going to look terrible.

man in untucked white dress shirt with pink background

Consider also the ‘gig line.’ The ‘gig line’ is a military term for the alignment of the belt buckle, shirt and trouser fly. Visualize an imaginary line from the point of your chin straight down to your crotch area. You know you have a well-tucked shirt if the shirt placket (that rectangle of fabric where the front buttons are) lines up with your trousers’ fly.

Keeping It Tucked

Here’s an additional tip (and some of you are probably already doing this). To make sure your shirt is tucked even if you make a lot of movements, if you’re wearing an undershirt, tuck it into your underwear, then tuck your dress shirt into your trousers or jeans.

man tucking in dress shirt into jeans

The No-nos

Simple: No half-tucks, no untucking once you’ve tucked it in (you know, once you go tucked, you can’t go back), and tuck in especially if your pants have belt loops.

Wear It Well

Follow these tips to make sure your confidence is not tucked away when you wear your shirts. You no longer have to feel tuckered out trying to figure out whether or not to tuck in your shirt or even how to tuck it in so you can look good.

man in silky dark colored grey tucked shirt

Do you want your custom-made shirt tucked or untucked? Although we’ve laid down the rules, ultimately, you still decide whether you’ll keep the bottom edge hidden or you want it out of your pants.  

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