Pushing Those Buttons

Shirt buttons serve a primary purpose: to fasten your shirt so it doesn’t expose parts of your torso that’s not supposed to be seen in public. We’ve all heard of wardrobe malfunctions involving popping buttons.

denim shirt with black buttons

But this blog is not about those embarrassing moments when celebrities or even average guys and gals like you and me have buttons popping off and flying. It’s about the colors of that essential fabric fastener.

Does it matter?

The short answer: Yes.

When customizing a shirt, one of the things that can be overlooked is the buttons’ color choice. This might not seem like a major detail, but a bad color choice for buttons can change the way a shirt looks.

Color Choices

The color choices for buttons can be as wide as the color palette in your MS Paint program. From something as plain as white to a color as bold as red, your color choice doesn’t just make your shirt look better or worse, but may also reflect your personality.


patterned with buttons

If you don’t want your buttons noticed, this ought to be your color of choice. True, they stand out on a dark background, but white is as neutral as it can get. Whatever the color of your shirt is, you can’t go wrong with white.


black buttons on suit sleeve

If white is at one end of the color spectrum, black is at the other. If white is unnoticed, black gets a lot of attention. Their similarity? They’re both neutral colors. You don’t need black magic to figure that out.

Other Colors

patterned buttons in a different colors

Between black and white, you have an entire gamut of colors you can imagine. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can choose any color you like, unless you’re the quirky type. Is there a rule when choosing? Well, how about a rule of thumb. Just like with other items that use colors, you can either:

  • Match colors that complement each other. (e.g. blue and green)
  • Match the same color but with a different shade.
  • Use the same color and shade. 

needle with yarn inside 4 hole grey button

When picking a color for the buttons of your custom-made shirt, don’t just choose out of the blue. Also, just because it looks good on someone doesn’t mean it will also look good on you. Don’t be green with envy. Don’t be caught red-handed and look like a black sheep wearing colors that don’t match. No gray area there. (Alright, enough of the color idioms. You get the point.)

This is no hot-button topic by any stretch of the imagination, but we hope this was helpful enough in terms of making that button color choice when you order your customized shirt.

Questions? Drop Simple Tailor a line and let’s start talking about your colorful ideas for your made-to-order shirt.

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