Show Your True Collars | The must know Types of Collars

Not all collars are created equal. That goes without saying. The kind of collar you wear may say a lot about you and your style.

If you’re one of those who don’t even pay attention to this top-most part of your shirt and clueless about its various types (It has types? Yes.), here’s a quick rundown of the different types of collars and what style is best suited to which occasion.

Types of Collars

When I started getting into fashion, I really had no idea there was more than one type of collar. There's actually quite a few it turns out! Below we'll run you through the types of collars every man should know!

The Forward Point

grey shirt with light brown tie hanging

Also called ‘point collar,’ this is the most common and also the most traditional type. Chances are, you have a shirt or two with this type. How does this collar look like? When you have a narrow distance between the collar points. When you wear a jacket, it’s not often covered by the jacket’s lapels.

The Button-Down

light blue striped shirt with button down collar

This one’s easy to distinguish. The clue is in the name: button. Originally, the buttons were there to help English polo players keep their collars from flapping and hitting their faces while they were playing. The style became a big hit after that and non-polo players began wearing it. This collar fits any style, so you can’t go wrong with it.

The Spread

slim fit lilac with spread collar shirt

This is the go-to type if you’re attending a black tie event (which, by the way, doesn’t mean you have to literally wear a ‘black tie’, but I digress). As the name suggests, the ends of this collar type ‘spread’ away from the face. This is great for formal occasions.

The Cutaway

3 button cutaway white shirt

Sometimes referred to as the Windsor collar, this type is so-called because it ‘cuts away’ from your face. It’s a cousin of the Spread type, but is more formal. In fact, the Cutaway is the most formal of the lot. It creates an inverse ‘V’ and is a great choice if you want to highlight a favorite tie of yours.

The Pinpoint

mid blue color pinpoint button dress shirt

If the situation calls for you to wear a tie, the Pinpoint should be your collar of choice. This is because the long collar points look best when you wear it with a tie, especially slim and skinny ones. Of course, you can wear it with any tie you want. Again, it all depends on your style choice.

Your collar style speaks volumes about you, so it’s best to know not only which type suits you and your overall outfit, but also the occasion where you’ll be using it. You don’t want to be collared by the fashion police for using the wrong one.

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