Your Simple Belt Guide

What’s a belt for? Well, its primary use is to hold up your pants and prevent them from slipping, especially if your pants’ waistline is larger than your actual waistline. The use of the humble belt has evolved, however, and is no longer confined to just holding up your pants. It also serves as a stylish accessory that can make your outfit look smarter.

We’ve put together a few simple tips on how to choose the right belt.

Belt Size

The first order of business is to know your belt size. Sounds easy enough, but knowing your belt size is vitally important. You don’t want to get a belt that’s either too long or too short.

When you’re trying on a belt, be sure to allow a few inches left to push through the remainder of the loop.

One important thing to utilize is a belt size guide to find the belt size that fits you perfectly. Key tip: your belt size should correspond to your pants size.

Here’s an easy guide:

Pant size        Belt size

39-43 in.          XXL

36-40 in.          XL

33-37 in.          L

30-34 in.          M

27-31 in.          S


Material Witness

For formal occasions, you can’t go wrong with leather when it comes to the material of your belt. However, belts come in different materials and textures, too. For a casual getup, you can use woven belts and those made from suede, cloth or other textures.


If your budget doesn’t allow for you to get many belts, get yourself at least two belts, one black and one brown. These are very versatile colors, so whatever the color of your outfit is, any of these two would usually go well with it.

You can also follow another rule of thumb in fashion, and that is you match your belt with the color of your shoes. If you’re wearing brown shoes, you don’t have to wear a belt with exactly the same shade as your shoes’.

For a formal suit, black is your safest bet. It’s elegant, classic and sleek.

Buckle Up

For everyday belts, go for those with a slightly larger buckle. But if you’re wearing dress pants, a belt that has a smaller buckle is your safest choice.

Also, generally, the width of the belt corresponds to the size of the buckle.

There are also different buckle types: from single tongue and webbing, to clip on and clip latch, to pin and double ring. There are almost two dozen types of buckles for you to choose from. Choose what best complements your getup.

You don’t have to buckle down when choosing the right belt. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to adding another notch in your belt when it comes to putting together your awesome outfit.

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