Where to Buy Cheap Dress Shirts

Why You Should Buy Cheap Dress Shirts?

We all aspire to have good style! Seeing men wearing high end designer brands in magazines, as well as on variety of social media platforms, is indeed pretty natural.

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Imagine spending a lot of money on buying shirts from the top designer, it's fulfilling right? But unless you're very fortunate your money can only go so far with these high end dress shirts, it is important that you can figure out how to look good on a budget. Surely, a man who knows how to express himself through good styling is attractive. But imagine if you can pull of the same look with just some pennies, totally insane, isn't it?

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This is where niche custom-made dress shirts became more interesting and popular. These goods and services are highly in demand as it showcase uniqueness to the purchaser, and doesn't set you back nearly as much as one would think! 

For just a short background, men's dress shirts came to fashion way back in the 1920s, and the first style to become popular in the market was the sky blue dress shirt. These type of shirts were staples for formal events such as business gatherings.

Why Buying Cheap Dress Shirts is Better?

1. Overspending on your wardrobe is not smart at all.

Sometimes, overspending on things we don't necessarily need to purchase can be addictive. People may or may not do it intentionally, but when they became used to it, it is beginning to feel like a habit.

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Of course, awarding yourself by buying the gifts, things, and expensive shirts you dreamt to have is okay, but spending a lot of money for dress shirts regularly is dangerous.

This applies to a popular quote which says that anything too much or excessive can be harmful. That's is the same with buying dress shirts, why overspend when you can actually purchase cheaper dress shirts which offer almost the same quality and features of those branded shirts?

So when you are being tempted to buy new clothes, which you know will cause overspending, always try to remember that when you are spending a lot of money on purchasing just one piece of cloth, you can be smart enough to purchase three to five niche and cheaper dress shirts from small shops.

2. Coupon hunting isn't just for Grandma!

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When you are in a mall and you want to buy something, one normal thing people usually do is to canvass in order to compare prices from different shops. That's actually how it also works when shopping online for a new shirt.

It is true that when you've already decided on purchasing a dress shirt, you tend to look for more ways to save good money, and coupons abound. Search high and low on Google for these, and you'll be happy with the results you may find.

And if you use the new Microsoft Edge browser, it will even find the best coupons for you on any site you visit!

3. Thrift stores FTW!

Never underestimate what you can find at a thrift store! They obviously solve the problem of finding what you're looking for on the cheap, however, they actually sever several other purposes as well.

Thrift Store Dance

Thrift stores are literally helping the planet by reducing production wastes to go on landfill. The truth is people saw thrift shops as the ultimate process of the 3R which is to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Therefore, buying cheap dress shirts from these stores in order to better your style does not make you less of a man, it actually makes you THE MAN!

4. Clearance, Clarence!

Clearance sales are definitely the way to go when you want to have cheaper clothing. You can look for these on Black Friday, really anytime of the year, thanks to the internet! 

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This is applicable to everyone who really wants to spend less money on their dress shirts and t-shirts. If you just can't get comfortable with the thrift store option, this is the way to still get that brand new dress shirt you wanted for a lesser price.

Tips in to Look Good on a Budget

Did you know that looking good doesn't necessarily equate to luxury? Don't get me wrong, of course it is a "yes" that you will definitely look good wearing that top designer dress shirt, but always remind yourself that it doesn't have to be. Keep your budget in mind, create better wardrobe without breaking your pocket.

What are you waiting for? Follow these tips in order to successfully look and feel good on a budget..

1. Follow proper grooming before flexing your style.

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Choosing the best fashion style is nothing if you are not well-groomed. Thus, looking good on a budget also means you must take time and effort to make yourself prepared and confident. Always make sure to clean your hair, teeth, nails, and skin because doing so will make you elegantly-looking even with just a $10 dollar shirt. 

2. Shop cheaper dress shirts at thrift stores or mall outlets.

Quality items for a fraction of the price can be found at these stores. Shopping around these outlets rather than buying from large department stores is the first recommended tip since doing so will surely make you look good without spending too much.

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If you will be buying from thrift stores, it is necessary to look for a dress shirt which is still in good shape. You will be able to feel satisfied with your purchase. It is unavoidable to encounter clothes which are already in bad condition when shopping at these stores, thus, you must always ensure that your money is still worthy for the quality of the product.

3. Make sure that your purchases can be mixed and matched.

In order to look good on a budget, it is important to ensure that the products you bought can be mixed and matched. Color and style can be complemented with other clothing.

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If you bought a piece of cheaper dress shirt, it is recommended to only purchase those shirts which are on minimal prints and design as well as those which are on classic and neutral colors. In that way, you will be able to maximize wearing the dress shirt in an effortless manner.

4. Know your measurements and pay attention to your size.

Knowing your size and measurement will greatly reflect on whether your choice fits your body or not. When you buy cheaper dress shirts from niche stores, size and fit of the clothing must always be considered, next to quality. You must look for the shirt that flatters you biceps and body build as it makes you overflow with confidence and class.

5. Find and wear some accessories to hype your outfit.

With a cheap dress shirt in a neutral color, and matching with some of standard accessories such as hat, glasses, belt, watch, or scarf, can definitely make you a standout.

However, do not wear more than three accessories as it may lead you to look like you're trying too hard. Only choose the accessories which you think are the best fit for your style. Always remember, keeping your fashion style minimal actually exudes elegance.

Where to buy Cheap Dress Shirts?

This article won't be a complete package if it doesn't include a list of the brands which can help men find some budget online stores. Here are the top four most popular shops you should visit in order to look and feel good on a budget.

1. Everlane

everlane men box of clothing

This brand is popularly known by people as it follows direct to consumer model which is ideal for customers who are looking for clothes in cheaper prices. However, it is not the cheapest of the list, but likely the best quality.

Everlane is in fact called as one stop shop which solves the puzzle and why it tops this list. As it is being sold directly to customers, this brand literally avoids factory markups. Thus, this is the best choice for those people who loves to wear cheap dress shirts and polos, as well as heavy weight shirts, sweaters, and even sneakers.

2. Arket

This online shop is a retail business which focuses mainly on bringing nordic style into the masses. Their type of clothing are popularly known as street style which is popular nowadays. This is perfect for men who loves to have some knitwear, fleece jackets, and reliable footwear in a very affordable price.

3. JCrew Factory

jcrew khaki pants

JCrew Factory is a brand that is popularly known to produce and sell modern dress shirts which are popular to men. Some of the items being sold in this brand were slim suits, button-up shirts, and dress shirts which are indeed in cheaper prices. This brand offers awesome deal for men who loves to upgrade their styling with just a small amount of money. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap dress shirts to wear, this shop might best work on you.

4. Nordstrom Rack

nordstrom store

Nordstrom Rack literally says you don't need to blow thousand of dollars to get a designer suit since this brand offers great designer products at a very lower prices. This is ideal for those people who really love wearing high-end fashion but are strictly on budget. This store provides great selection of popular brands of dress shirts, polos, and shoes such as Timberland and Adidas.

5. Target

Target claims to be the brand with provides cheaper retail picks which most of the men will surely like. This brand offers stylish clothing pieces in a lesser amount of money. However, most of their fashion style are simple and minimal which people may find as basics. Thus, Target also offers men to shop within its in-house brand which is the Goodfellow and Co. It has been said that this brand almost always provide the latest and trendy menswear as it puts some modern designs to uplift its most basic style.

We hope with this list we've provided you some viable shopping options that won't break the bank!

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