Matching Your Wrist-Watch with Your Attire

Wearing that timepiece on your wrist is not just about checking the time. It also serves as an accessory to your overall getup. Some gents can’t even go out without wearing a wristwatch. They feel naked without one.

Watch It

Although its primary purpose is to tell the time, watches are used to complement an ensemble, especially if the outfit looks bare and dull. However, wearing a wristwatch can make or break your overall look, so make sure you know how to pair your watch with your outfit.

man sitting on the bed all dressed up matching style

Imagine yourself wearing a tuxedo and you turn your wrist to check the time. Some people glance at you and see that you’re wearing a Casio watch with a rubber strap. Not a good situation.

Watch Out

man looking at his wristwatch matching style

Needless to say, you don’t just snap on any wristwatch you feel like wearing. If you’re into style, your mood shouldn’t dictate what watch you’ll be wearing. It has to match your outfit (e.g. a sports watch for a sporty getup, a chronograph watch with a leather band for a casual or formal outfit).

Digital or Analog

man in a suit with digital watch and brown bag

If this is a decision you’re wrestling with, you can get a smartwatch that can switch displays between analog and digital. Truth is, today’s smartwatches can even show various displays --- from calendars to maps to moving wallpapers. These types of watches can also change bracelets, so whatever your outfit, you’ll easily find a configuration that matches it.

Keeping Watch

There are generally 5 categories of watches you can choose from.

Dress watch 

This type of watch usually has a plain white face and has no complicated features. Although a black leather band is a safe choice, you can have a brown- or burgundy-colored band, especially if you want it to match your shoes or your belt color.

dress watch matching style

Diver’s/Diving watch 

As the name suggests, this is used for underwater diving and features a minimum water resistance of 100 meters or 330 ft. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t wear this watch out of the water. There are designs of diver’s watches that are so elegant that you can even wear them to match your suit.

hand with dive watch in water matching style

Chronograph watch

This is a type of watch that is used as a stopwatch but is combined with a display watch. But again, smartwatches (and even smartphones) have that capability. The range of designs for this type of watch is so wide that it can match anything from a casual to a formal getup.

man wearing chronograph watch matching style

Pilot watch 

Originally, of course, this type of watch was only worn by pilots. It was then their on-board ‘computer.’ Today, you’ll see this watch everywhere and worn even by those who do not fly a plane. This type of watch can be paired with your favorite dress shirt, although some of its designs can be so elegant it can be worn to complement a formal suit.

pilot wearing pilot watch matching style

Field watch

Originally called ‘trench watch,’ field watches are simple military watches. They were designed for soldiers to wear in World War 2. They were made to be dust and waterproof and enclosed in a stainless steel casing. They are more suitable for a casual or semi-formal outfit.

man wearing field watch matching style

Pedal to the Metal

Your watch’s metal case can also serve to complement the metal accents of the accessories you’re wearing.

hand with glove metal black watch case matching style

For example, if you have a squarish belt buckle, you can put on a watch with a square metal case. If your belt buckle has rounded edges, choose a watch with round metal case. Of course, colors have to match, too (gold for gold, silver for silver, etc.).

How to properly match your watch to your outfit! From black tie events to wearing t-shirt and jeans I got you covered!


These tips should hopefully come in handy whenever you’re pairing your wristwatch to your outfit.

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