Pick the Perfect Fabric

Heads-up: Everything you’ll read here is not fabric-ated.

Now that I got your attention, let’s talk about choosing fabrics.

One of the great benefits of having your clothes custom-made is having the freedom to choose the type of fabric you want used for your clothes. Sure, off-the-rack clothes are quick to buy. But you got to admit, the choices when it comes to fabric is limited to whatever’s already there in the shop. What you see there is literally what you get.

We’ve all had that experience before. We see a shirt with great style, but the fabric is just not the right one. You hesitate to buy it at first, but eventually gives in because the style of the shirt is just too good to pass off. How we wish there was another fabric that was available for it.

So, yeah, with made-to-order clothing, you’re the one who decides which fabric to use. But how do you choose the right one? Here are some fab tips that can help you with that decision:

Know your style. Do you prefer plains, or are patterns your kind of thing? The first step in choosing a fabric is to know exactly what you want depending on your style. You might be the type who’s happy with something as plain as a pikestaff, or you’re at the extreme end of the style spectrum and want to go for all sorts of shapes and patterns. Of course, there’s a line between being adventurous and looking nutty. But hey, no one’s stopping you from expressing yourself.

Consider the garment’s style. Certainly, no freedom is absolute. Just because you have all the liberty to choose any type of fabric doesn’t mean you’ll go for anything that tickles your fancy. Let me put it bluntly: Not all fabrics match any particular style. I mean, honestly. Do you think psychedelic patterns would look good on a formal jacket? Didn’t think so, too.

Choose the right color. No gray area there, so no need to explain further.

Reckon comfort. This is one of those times when you don’t get out of your comfort zone. Of course, even if you look like a celebrity with what you have on, if you don’t feel comfortable, what’s the point? But if you’re the style-trumps-comfort kind of guy, well, have at it. Anyway, yes, comfort is a primary consideration when choosing the type of fabric to use for your clothes. Ever heard of creature comfort?

Text your… OK, wrong spelling. Texture. Yes, that matters, too. This also relates to comfort, of course. But other than that, when we talk about texture, we also think about how texture complements the style. Before finalizing your order online, scan your closet and see the type of texture you want and advise the online haberdashery what you’ve chosen. You don’t want to have in your hands a package containing a fabulous shirt, only to find out the texture is not exactly what you wanted.

As a final tip, you can also check the fabric in terms of what it’s made of. Is it natural, synthetic, chemically treated? This is another important factor to consider. You might be allergic to anything that’s not natural, so best to determine material, too.

Alright. That rounds up a short-but-sweet list of tips to help you decide which fabric to choose when you order your next garment online.

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