How to Measure for a new shirt

Getting Those Shirt Measurements Done Correctly

Measuring for a custom fit shirt is something that can be done quickly.  There are two options:
  • Measure your favorite shirt ever, and we'll match it exactly!  For simple instructions on this email us and we'll ensure you receive the best fitting shirt you've ever had!

 Here are the 8 simple steps for measuring yourself with the help of a friend:

1.  Measure your pythons, a.k.a. biceps, at their largest area:  

2. Measure around your neck, just above your collarbone:

3. Measure your chest at it's greatest area of circumference, and just below your armpits:

4. Next measure the area around your stomach at its largest circumference (don't suck in your belly!):

5. Now measure around your hips, or the bottom of your shirt:

6. Measure across your shoulders.  When wearing a dress shirt this measurement should be from the seam of the arm on one side, to the seam of the arm on the other side, across the back:

7. Now measure your sleeve from your cuff, up to the seam of where the arm joins the top of the shoulder at its widest point:

8. Lastly measure the overall length that you would like the shirt to be:

Finally enter all of the measurements in our configurator and we'll get our tailors working on your order immediately! 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to live chat with us, or email us, and our tailors will assist you immediately; We promise to measure up to your expectations!