11 Best Men's Fashion Accessories for 2021

Who are you today? Are you on fashion trends like you were last year. Have you given up on men's fashion trends or have you embraced the new you and now wondering where to take it from here? Do you know what men's fashion accessories are trending in 2021?

If you don't know or are not sure what to do this guide is here to help you with a little help from others. It may be a little confusing due to the recent past normal., our recent past normal has given permission to voluntarily or involuntarily.

fashionable man only wearing face mask in the crowd

Create a new look that may or may not remain in the next normal. Did that confuse you? Everyone is confused. The businessman has been doing business at home, the sportsman has just been at home, the chef has been cooking at home and the essential worker, thank you, have been living away from home. Everyone looks and feels different and personal fashion trends for work and play are different.

man wearing suit and tie and face mask

With so many hours spent alone there is a focus on personal style. Normal in this last year of change has manifested in fewer shaves, more facial hair, fewer haircuts (or terrible haircuts <you know who you are!>), less exercise, and more meals.

Every man is living on their own island. Working at home is great right? (or is it?) No more full outfits or uncomfortable shoes. No big rush to get out the door, less money spent on meals and snacks, less money in the gas tank and no commuter traffic, So where to start?

man works from home wearing dress shirt and face mask

The pandemic has changed the way we dress to do business, We have fewer, if any, personal contact and we no longer dress to impress. We video chat meetings and get together with friends. We observe and are observed from the waist up.

However, change is happening, Normal is changing.. Will you rise out of the ashes as a phoenix or have you gotten stuck in a fashion rut that has become mundane and boring. After all who is looking? The only competition is who is looking at you in the mirror. Do you know what your style is? Do you want to come out of this lock down as the same guy or a new and improved one.

man putting his tie looking in the mirror

If you are not sure where to start decide what you want your style to be. Don't forget to figure in your new length of hair and your new beard and mustache. 

mens accessories

Men's fashion accessories are inconsistently consistent. What does that mean? Some men's accessories are consistently stable, like watches, rings, belts, glasses and shoes. Accessories such as necklaces are trendy and inconsistent. Men do still wear them they just not as prevalent as they were when men wore more jewelry and I dare to say jewelry that was bigger and gaudy. There are men wearing them they just are not at the top of the accessories trending for men in 2021.

men's accessories in 2021

11 Best Men's Accessories for 2021

This article serves as a guide to what's trending in men's accessories in 2021. Men's accessories are a statement of who they are and what they do. A man's accessories say "this is who I am." The 11 general men's accessories mentioned in this article will attempt to explain how and or why these accessories made the cut. You will also find links where you can explore and see these trends for yourself. Accessories put a period at the end of your personal fashion statement.


It's the top of this list. Men now need something to carry things in. Laptops, tablets, cell phones and yes even possibly a wallet. These bags are designed for different uses. The cross body shoulder bags are available in many shapes and various sizes. The various styles house compartments for any devise you need to carry.. They are designed for every occupation,, and made from every material ranging from waterproof to quality leather.

Kenneth Cole - Reaction Bag - $59.99

Kenneth Cole On Track Pack Vegan Leather Laptop Bag

Jack&Chris - Messenger Bag - $72.99

Jack&Chris Leather Messenger Bag for Men

Sweetbriar - Messenger Bag - $22.95

Sweetbriar Classic Vintage Messenger Bag



It's the trending 2021 accessory. Eyewear never really looses it shine. It trends faithfully with all the color and shapes imaginable. Aviators, navigators and round vintage never trend out. It is always cool to be wearing shades when you are outside prescribed or not. After all you can not be cool without your sun glasses on.

Eyewear sets a tone and is must. With Covid 19 in the air we are compelled to wear a mask and our eyes are the most visible area of our face. Eyewear is fashionable and fun. They elevate and pull any look together. You can be anyone you want to be behind your shades. Be shady and be confident with a pair of frames that fit you or your mood.

Feiyold - Blocking Glasses - $19.98

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men and Women

Tifosi - Optics Track Sunglasses - $25.00

Tifosi Optics Track Sunglasses

Ray-Ban - Clubmaster Sunglasses - $204.00

RayBan Rb3016 Clubmaster Square Sunglasses



It is also a 2021 trend. As in most times in fashion history with the exception of Roman reign and the sixties and seventies, rings for men are simplistic in standard and strong in look. Big stones are considered gaudy on men. They should be worn on the ring finger or pinky, gold is always a standard and gems set in rings for men are generally flatter and smooth. Its the small details in men's rings that make them a big deal. They are a mans silent messenger, so an over embellished ring is a fashion no in 2021.

King Will - Black Tungsten Ring - $18.99

King Will Basic Men Wedding Black Tungsten Ring

Men's Yellow Gold Ring - $60.82

Mens 18K Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver Square Cut

iTungsten - Black Ring for Men - $18.99

iTungsten 4mm 6mm 8mm Silver Tungsten Ring



This accessory always have a place in time. However, trending watches are much more than time pieces. They count steps, calories, and carbs. You can monitor your heartbeat and they can be used for other medical situations. You can even answer you phone with your watch. The classic men's watch will always stand the test of time and trends.

Watches are professional looking when worn with business attire and in any work situation. Watches also prove to be an asset when meeting on zoom. They compensate for the business attire that is not seen. Buying the right time piece for the situation is the key factor when sporting a watch.

Trending in 2021 in most situations is the bold retro looking watch. Large pieces with large numbers. Could it be due to the device addiction? Have the eye experts released information about sight that most of us already know? Have studies shown that our extended use of our devices has caused pause for giving the eyes a break? It's a thought.. this years trending watches live up to the old adage that all trends come back around and repeat themselves.

Apple - Apple Watch SE - $344.00

New Apple Watch SE Silver Aluminum Case

CakCity - Multisport GPS Watch - $109.99

Multisport GPS Hiking Sport Watches for Men

Oupinke - Swiss Luxury Watch -$298.99

Swiss Brand Mens Automatic Luxury Watch



These are trending in 2021 not because everyone sees them but because working at home with feet under the desk or standing tend to get a little cold when one is not wearing shoes.

Knee highs are fun and colorful socks make it even more fun. Socks support teams, companies and personal fantasies. Tennis socks are colorful and sports socks colorfully shout out the message. Socks are usually in demand and they are worn to show support for many causes, They are the trending way to make a donation.

Marino - Men's Funky Dress Socks - $31.99

Marino Mens Dress Socks Colorful Funky Socks

M Monfoot - Patterned Socks - $16.19


M MONFOOT Womens Pairs Cotton Solid Socks

Ozone - Men's Novelty Socks - $10.00

Ozone Mens BackUp Gun Novelty Socks



These are nature inspired. Flowers and prints are in this year. Anything for a breath of fresh air. Paisley, polka dots, stripes and plaids are all the rage. The trending size for a tie is 3.5 inches. The tie has gained a whole inch. It may take a minute to see this wide tie as the fashion trend, they been shiny so long. Ties are worn mostly to formal affairs and weddings. Sales persons may also wear ties based on the merchandise they are selling. They do give a more professional and polished impression based on the situation.

Hisdern - Men's necktie Collections - $37.99

HISDERN 5 PCS Mens Silk Necktie Collections

Calvin Klein - Windowpane B Tie - $26.99

Calvin Klein Mens Etched Windowpane B Tie

Sara Nell - Men's Matrix Necktie - $13.99

SARA NELL Mens Classic  Silk Woven Business  Green Matrix Symbols Necktie



It's technically not an accessory, however, for all intense purposes it is the base of the accessorized look. Footwear is important today because we wear less frequently then we have in the last year. Footwear is the accessory that ties it together. The wrong shoe throws off the whole outfit, the soft shoe is the trending men's accessory footwear for the fall.

The relaxed and natural atmosphere we now survive in gives way to a more casual shoe one that sets off sports wear and casual wear that is so often seen today. Trending colors are all colors. Any colorful show is the trending shoe, when dressed professionally or conservatively soft leather shoes are the way to go. Although footwear is not typically recognized as an accessory it is the most important one. Soft shoes or trending sneakers have a clean crisp look and thick chunky soles are in. Comfort is in.

New Republic - Barclay Suede - $50.00

New Republic Mens Barclay Suede Driver

Vans - Slip-On Core Classics - $45.18

Vans Unisex Adult SlipOn Core Classics Trainers

Veja - Campo Chromefree Sneakers

Veja Mens Campo Chromefree Leather Sneakers


Wallets & Money Clips

The necessary accessory. They are the accessory that when revealed, to some, indicates the level of finance one possesses. It was said at one time that men who carried wallets did not have real money, Men with money carried it in a clip because there was too much cash on hand to fit in any wallet.

What makes a wallet trendy is the wallet/money clip. It appears to be more like a money clip. The new clips hold money as well as debit or credit cards. Carrying a wallet that coordinates with a belt or shoes is the way to go when using or wearing leather accessories, This writer prefers leather accessories, they are classic and easy to coordinate. What makes wallets trendy.

Travando - Money Clip Wallet - $27.95

TRAVANDO Mens Wallet Money Clip

Rugged Authority - Card Holder - $25.99

Rugged Authority Brown Leather Card Holder

Alpine Swiss - Bifold Wallet - $12.99



Men's hats are not only functional they are more importantly a trending fashion that remains true to the wearer. Beliefs and lifestyle Stitt on top of a mans head. Hats speak to activity. They say I'm an outdoorsman, a sports fanatic or I'm just comfortable always wearing a hat.

The trending hat for 2021 is the bucket hat, Traditionally worn by the the man who spends hours in the sun. Worn in 2021 as a trending fashion. It says I work or play in the sun. I fish, hunt or spend time in the sun. Men wear hats like women, in some cases, to cover their head or what isn't on top of it, namely, hair.

There is an alternative trending hat, the flat cap. The flat cap is generally worn by the man who plays a less active sport like golf or the man who is the cool guy in the crowd. just likes the way it finishes his look.

Kangol - Men's Tropic Beret - $38.99

Kangol Men and Women Tropic 504

Fancet - Fedora Panama Hat - $25.58

Fancet Packable Straw Fedora Summer Beach Hat

Stetson - Timber Baseball Cap - $67.50

Stetson Oily Timber Cap Black



These are functional first and trendy second. This accessory should be coordinated with shoes, or a wallets. It is also embellished at times with initials. Leather belts are the trending material in 2021. Any leather grained belt., distressed, embroidered suede, and impressed leather. The textured leather belts are more for casual wear and a smoother leather is the accessory for more formal or less casual outfits.

Lavemi - Ratchet Dress Belt - $37.99

Lavemi Men's Real Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Bostanten - Ratchet Dress Belt - $19.99

BOSTANTEN Men's Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Jukmo - Military Tactical Belt - $17.98

JUKMO Tactical Belt



The most significant accessory for 2021. As Covid restrictions begin to be lift we are unveiling and rediscovering. Fashion trends have been the least of our worries and we have slipped in a world of comfort and necessity. As we begin to venture out into the world of workplace space, small spaces, and physical contact with others we want to come out our best. Knowing what to accessorize and how to do it pulls everything together while being safe is of the utmost importance.

Huheta - KN95 Face Mask - $58.99

Huheta KN95 Face Mask 60 Pack

Sanatty - Reusable Cloth Masks - $17.99

Face Masks Washable Reusable Cloth Masks

Tianlu - Breathable Face Masks - $19.98

Breathable Face Mask with Nose Wire

Let's review the 11 general men's fashion accessories for 2021 that every man should be thinking about and must have.

  1. A bag is essential to carry your devices, glasses, eyewear, wallet and more. They come in the form of cross shoulder bags, backpacks, and messenger bags and in all sizes.
  2. Eyewear you can't be cool without your sunglasses, they add character and flair and frames come in all sizes and shapes and colors.
  3. Rings a simple and strong statement worn as an accent and finishing touch to an outfit are smooth with little embellishment and flatter, smoother stones.
  4. Watches are retroactive styled, big, bold and easy to read
  5. Socks add joy they have increased in length, color and creativity. Wear them how you like. , make statements, colors and lengths have increased
  6. Ties are printed with florals, paisley, stripes, plaids and polka dots. Ties are worn for business, casual and for fun.
  7. Footwear technically not an accessory but treated as one are trending as soft casual leather, tan in color. leather sneakers, decorative sneakers, sneakers with a statement and comfort is the main objective.
  8. Wallet trending wallets are not a combination of a money clip and a wallet. With commerce preferring a cashless system money clips have the ability to hold cash and debit or credit cards. Traditional wallets have been trimmed down to fit more comfortably in the pocket
  9. Hats are trending with a shape based on hats used for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. The bucket hat. They are not just made of camouflage anymore. They come in a variety of colors.
  10. Belts another functional accessory. Designed to hold up your pants and trending in leather to add an extra benefit, an accessory.
  11. Mask an essential accessory today. The mask that was in great demand throughout the year behind us. Originally a plain white disposable protection measure is now today an accessory. An accessory because they are no longer just worn but displayed on our faces with the design, rhetoric, and color that anyone wants. There is no design or color of mask that is not trending.

    Be safe, be fashion forward, and don't miss out on being ahead of the accessory game. The 11 general accessories for men in 2021 are a must have for every male whether you are recreating your style or being true to who you have been

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